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You're the toughest boss you'll ever have. How do we know? Because Her Hustle Magazine is for, about, and by women entrepreneurs from cover to cover. We celebrate your wins and encourage you to see your losses as lessons as it's our mission to entertain, educate, inspire, and give back to our tribe.

We vow to offer our tribe true value. To always use our platform to lift women entrepreneurs to new heights and to monetarily invest in the woman behind the business as well as the business inside the woman.


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The 1st issue of Her Hustle Magazine was published in June of 2019. It was created to support the mission of a one-of-a-kind Initiative that seeks to invest in the holistic health and success of America's women entrepreneurs called Women Funding Women. Women Funding Women is one of the only 501(c)3 Public Charities in America dedicated to seeing women entrepreneurs whole, healthy, and successful. They believe that the business is only as strong as the woman behind it, so their grants cover traditional business and educational expenses as well as the cost of therapy, coaching, licensing, and other wellness and advancement items from personal yoga instruction, and national professional event tickets, to trade show vendor and other participation fees. ​ The organization is raising awareness and offering solutions to ambitious women who have been doing it all alone and suffering through the stress in silence. Being a boss isn't easy. Being your own boss can be insane! HHM stands in full support of Women Funding Women and its mission to support the women who run the world and the businesses they create. Her Hustle Magazine is on its own personal mission to empower, inspire, and celebrate America's women in business. We want to learn from and admire your journey to success while reminding you how important it is to celebrate the small wins along the way.