3 Skills of a Stay at Home Mom that Every Business Owner Must Have

Updated: May 19

We’ve all heard the saying, “Mothers have the hardest jobs” or “being a mother is a full-time job.” Both sayings are true, but have you ever considered consulting a stay-at-home mother for business advice? She could hold valuable information and insight into how to be successful and to create structure in your business.

Here are 3 skills that every mother has and every business owner must-have.


Stay at Home mothers are usually determined to handle their daily tasks and to know exactly what needs to be done throughout the day, but sometimes unexpected situations come up that may need their immediate attention, and having patience in those situations is important. They may be forced to refocus their attention at that time until it has been handled, before being able to resume everyday tasks.

Caring for children is one of the most important parts of the day and learning how to handle them and take care of all other things requires a great deal of patience.

For a business owner, being patient will help in the growth of your business. It will help you to take the time to analyze and assess the things that may not be working in your business or may not be working as quickly as you may have hoped. It is important to have patience and to allow the necessary time into making it work. When it comes to your clients, it is extremely important to have patience with them because they all have different learning styles and they all may have different needs and expectations of the services and/or products that you offer. As your business continues to grow, your clientele will expand; however, it is important to set realistic timeframes/goals for yourself. If you can understand exactly what it will take to get your business goals aligned and in sync, then it will be easier to stay patient in order to see the results.


For a stay-at-home mother, creativity can be used in a wide variety of ways. They may want to try a new recipe that they have found or maybe try a new method in preparing a usual meal. Most times the daily task may be the same but finding creative ways to complete them helps in breaking up the monotony.

As a business owner, having creativity is crucial - you need to keep your audience engaged with you. One important question to consider when it comes to creativity in your business is: what will make your service and/ or product seem more appealing and why should anyone buy that from you? Your creative approach must be meaningful and needs to make an impact. Some examples of when creativity will be the most important for a business owner are when it comes to content creation and/or email marketing. It is important to be clear on what makes your company, products, and/or services unique and how you will use your creativity to stand out and entice new customers as well as retain your current customers.

Time Management

A stay-at-home mother typically spends her day juggling several tasks; time management becomes essential, and it is important to have them scheduled out accordingly. Mothers have a great way of thinking ahead on what tasks need to be completed, and the time it takes for them to be done. They also have a great way of multitasking in order to meet deadlines that they have set for themselves, ensuring work is done accurately and efficiently. They may create schedules and checklists to help with unexpected things that could come up and interrupt the allotted time that they set aside.

Time management in business is important as there are many moving parts that constantly will need your attention and should not be neglected. For a business owner, you want to make sure that you have delegated enough of your time to your business and have given more time to things that may be lacking and should be improved. Your greatest challenge will always be time - as a business woman, you want to make sure you allot ample time to each task, it’s a sure way for your business to thrive.

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