Behind Her Hustle: Collette Divitto

We're chatting with 31-year-old Collette Divitto, owner of Collettey's Cookie Corp and Founder of Collettey's Leadership Org. After 3 disappointing years of attempting to find employment and being met with the same "friendly" rejections, Collette decided to take things into her own hands. Her mission? Stability, independence, respect, and a chance to make a difference. Oh, and really good cookies!

Tiffany: Hi, Collette! Thank you for sharing your story with us. Tell us about yourself!

Collette: Hello! I was born in 1990 with Down syndrome, and have been creating my own recipe for cookies for fun since I was very young! I graduated from Clemson University LIFE program and thought my life was going to be great. But, like you said, after 3 years of trying to find a job and going on many interviews I always got the same response…that “Unfortunately you're not a good fit”. This rejection was very disappointing to me, but I would not let it get me down. I had to find a way to make money so I could live independently.