Meet Kristin "Wellness Bae" Arian

We're excited to welcome wellness contributor and the latest addition to the HHM collaborative, Kristin Arian a.k.a "Wellness Bae". Her kind spirit and devotion to healing the world around her is contagious and we look forward to sharing her magic with you.

Catch her step-by-step beginner's guide to meditation in The Clarity Issue of Her Hustle Magazine VOL 2 Issue 1.

Who is Kristin?

"I was born into the foster care system in Philadelphia, PA. I was adopted at a young age and moved to Virginia as a young child. I've always had a mindset of gratitude and worked hard to help people along my journey. I've been a part of the healthcare field for over 15 years and as a registered nurse my knowledge and skill exceed on area, however, my heart is in Behavioral Health."