Passion VS. Approval Interview w/ Supakan "Kate" Apiratanapimonchai

Tiffany: Hey, Supakan. Thanks for chatting with HHM. Tell us about yourself. Who are you?

Kate: My name is Supakan Apiratanapimonchai. People on social media know me as "Kate". The name Kate was given to me by my uncle when I first moved to the US. I personally like to introduce myself as Supakan, but at the time I created my social media, my client knew me as Kate, so I decided to go with it.

I was born in Bangkok, Thailand and moved to the US at 12- Year-Old to live with my grandma in Kissimmee, FL, a small town about an hour outside of Orlando Area. Like many other foreigners, I didn’t speak much English and was very new to American Culture.

Tiffany: Is being an Asian woman entrepreneur in America different than you imagine it would have been in Bangkok?