Let's Talk Grants
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The Inspired Women Community Grant

Women Funding Women is gearing up for their 1st grant!

WHO: If you're an American Entrepreneur whose small business income is under $50,000 annually, you can apply!

WHAT: The grant covers a multitude of the fundamental needs of women in business, including but not limited to, the areas of business, education, advancement, and wellness.

WHEN: Applications are open January 1st until March 1st, MARK YOUR CALENDARS! 



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"There aren't enough organizations that promote and invest in whole, healthy, happy, AND successful women. So we're building our own. Together! " 

-Tiffany Monique

Founder, President, & CEO

Women Funding Women.

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Her Hustle Magazine is a media project that was created as a platform to promote the mission of an initiative that strives to invest in the holistic health and success of women entrepreneurs. We donate 10% of our profit from product sales, services, donations, and merchandise to the Women Funding Women initiative because we believe that the business is only as strong as the woman behind it...

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