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Pack your bathing suit, a ball gown, your favorite tights, heels you can dance in, a party dress, Tylenol, and a comfy pair of shoes. It's going to be that kind of weekend.

What's Next??



If you asked for information about payment plans or expressed interest in the VIGB upgrade we will connect with you personally within 30 days of your registration. Otherwise, you've been signed up for Girls Trip updates that will be sent to the email you used to register. We've made sure you entered the correct email address during registration. Take a second to be sure our emails aren't going to your spam folder by checking for a confirmation email. 


Continue to check the websites for updates and connect with the event team via email at if you have any questions,

REMEMBER: Your ticket is ON HOLD. You'll have until July 2021 to purchase your ticket or activate your payment plan. 

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